Each year the International Academy for Musculoskeletal Medicine organizes on academic invitation a two-day scientific conference in Europe. The program consists of 40 to 50 short lectures of 10 minutes on the most recent, as yet unpublished, scientific and educational topics. The conference is intended as a discussion platform for scientists, educationalists and colleagues in the working field.

This year, the conference will take place on 7 and 8 September in Winterthur (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and attention will be given to the international future of Musculoskeletal Medicine,  the training and the possibilities for embedding the training in the academic world. See the program on academylogistics.net.
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IAMMM Conference 8 September 2018 (second day) Workshop in the morning session by Prof. Berit Schiottz and Jens Foell
Aim: to fix the position of manual/musculoskeletal medicine in contemporary healthcare provision

Objectives: to explore members’ professional work profiles and generate a working definition of the essence of manual/musculoskeletal medicine

Contemporary healthcare services change at rapid pace. Digitalisation relies on standardisation and classification. Manual medicine is delivered as part of multi-disciplinary team approaches or in individual relationships. The position of manual/musculoskeletal medicine in these relationships is the focus of this educational morning. Debate and guided discussion feature in the education session. An online-survey will generate information about our members’ work profiles. The survey explores where subtle manual/musculoskeletal techniques and their associated explanatory models feature in their work-lives. “The house believes that the future of manual/musculoskeletal medicine depends on its academic representation in research and education” is the theme of a debate. By the end of the morning the community of musculoskeletal practice will have a better understanding of the threats and opportunities for manual/musculoskeletal techniques and ways of thinking in the medicine of the 21st Century”

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