According to the Articles, The Academy has two boards, the Executive Board and the Science Board.
The Science Board is at present further divided into several working committees, such as:
• Efficacy Committee
• Reliability Committee
• Basic Science Committee
• General Topics Committee
• Specific Topics Committee
• Educational Science Committee
• International Journal Committee
• Academy Conference Committee
• Instructional Course Committee
All Academy members are encouraged to participate in one or more of these committees.
Executive Board IAMMM (past EB-meetings)
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Prof. Olavi Airaksinen, PhD, MD (Fi)
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Scientific director
Prof. Jacob Patijn, PhD, MD (NL)
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Viktor Dvorak, MD (CH)
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Logistics officer
Sjef Rutte, MD (NL)
Science Board IAMMM (past SB-meetings)
Scientific director
Prof. Jacob Patijn, PhD, MD (NL)
Prof. Lothar Beyer PhD, MD (DE)
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Prof. Karl August Lindgren PhD, MD (FI)
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Jens Foell, MD (GB)