Memorandum of Understanding
At the FIMM General Assembly in Varna, Bulgaria, September 2008, a majority of member countries voted for a separation of FIMM and its scientific arm the FIMM International Academy of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine. Any formal as well as fiscal relation between FIMM and the Academy took its end at that day.
However, it is of the interest of both parts to demonstrate and describe the cordial relationship between FIMM and IAMMM, and that the two organisations respect the integrity and validity of their common aims. Therefore, as decided at the FIMM GA both parts worked on the formation of and accepted
this Memorandum of Understanding.

Former chairman of the Academy and past President of FIMM, Michael Hutson, MD, addressed this farewell letter - "The relationship between the Academy and FIMM" - to the Academy members after his 4 years chairmanship.