Do your own original research – at home or in the clinic! This practical one-day course provides the blueprint for kappa-studies (Interrater-reliability). It is an ideal opportunity for every practitioner and student in Rheumatology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine or Chiropractic to get published research and to validate the tools we are using.

Manual tests are the essential diagnostic tools in musculoskeletal practice. They inform assessments and interventions in situations ranging from sports injuries to chronic pain.
They are practiced by doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors in acute and chronic settings.
The multiplicity of tests and poor evidence for their reliability is a common argument against these practices.

This one-day workshop gives you the technique to link the practical hands-on experience with statistics.
It is an ideal opportunity to develop the skills to set up a low-cost, low tech research project with high quality standards. The only requirement is an open mind and curiosity about the interpretation of sensory information!

This course is aimed at musculoskeletal researchers and educationalists.
The rigorous evaluative process used in the workshop encourages information sharing about musculoskeletal practices and gives a platform on which to generate new knowledge in clinical care. This is the only course combining a hands-on approach with statistical theory.
The course package includes a comprehensive manual which will be sent out in advance.