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To create an international platform to discuss scientific work, a 1. FIMM Scientific Committee Conference - the precursor of the Academy Conferences - was organised in cooperation with the Danish Society for Musculoskeletal Medicine. The conference took place in Odense, Denmark, in January 2003 and at that occasion scientists presented and discussed their (preliminary) results, and proposals for scientific protocols.

Three years later the 1st FIMM Academy Conference was organised in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Manuelle Medizin. It took place in Leipzig, Germany, in June 2006.

The 2nd FIMM Academy Conference took place the 31st May 2008, during the Annual Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic.

The 3rd Academy Conference was sponsored by The Dutch Association of OrthoManuel Medicine and held the 5th of June, 2010 in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

The 4th Academy Conference was held October the 5th, 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia

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The 5th Academy Conference was held on the 14th-16th November 2013 in Bordeaux, France
The 6th Academy Conference 2014 On invitation of the AEMM in Berlin, Germany.
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The 7th Meeting was in in Brussels, Belgium the 6&7 November 2015. The last in 2016 was in the University of Padua, Italy. The next 9th meeting was in Rovinj, Croatia.The 10th Academy meeting will be in the beginning of September 2018 in the University of Zurich.