7th Annual Academy Science Board Conference , Padua, Friday November 25th, 2016
Session I
Introduction Science Director IAMMM Prof. Jacob Patijn, MD PhD Netherlands
The Padua University Prof. Raffaele De Caro, MD PhD Italy

Present and Future activities of IAMMM, AEB Chairman Prof. Olavi Airaksinen, MD PhD Finland

IAMMM Science Policy Prof. Jacob Patijn, MD PhD Netherlands
IAMMM Education Policy Dr. Jens Foell, MD United Kingdom

Keynote lecture: The Role of Fascia in Proprioception and Pain Prof. Carla Stecco, MD PhD Italy

Session II
In Vivo MRI Measurement of Spinal Cord Displacement in the Thoracolumbar Region of Asymptomatic Subjects with Unilateral and Sham Straight Leg Raise Tests Prof. Marinko Rade, MSc Orth Med PhD Finland

International Classification of Functioning-can ICF be used monitoring Low Back Pain Patients? Prof. Berit Schiøfz- Christensen, MD PhD Denmark

Impairment of neural movement with the straight leg raise test in patients with lumbar intervertebral disc herniation Dr. Janne Pesonen, MD Finland

Treating the Fascial System: A Pragmatic Study for those with Back Pain Larry Steinbeck, PT MSc United States

Development of a complex intervention for improving outcomes in elderly hip fracture patients: a realist approach. Prof. Nefyn Williams, MD PhD United Kingdom

Evaluation of Fascial Manipulation (Stecco Method) efficiency in the deep fascia structure modification through ultra sound and elostography Simon Tomat, PT Italy

The prevalence of myofascial trigger points in patients suffering from anterior knee pain compared with healthy subjects Evgeni Rozenfeld, MD Israel

Session III
Evaluation of the validity of a manual preferential mobility diagnostic procedure: the passive thoracic lateral bending test Dr. Sjef Rufe, MD MSc MM Netherlands

Long-term impact of ankle sprains on postural control and fascial densification Kobi Weiss, PT PhD Israel

Triggers points and the muscle stabilizing system Prof. Vlasta Tosnerova, MD PhD Czech Republic

A reproducibility study of a lumbar test according to the Marsman method in a small medical centre. Dr. Alian Coiffard, MD

Reflux in babies - the MM-approach. A katamnestic study of 200 cases. Heiner Biedermann, MD PhD Germany

Fascial Innervation Prof Andrea Porzionato, MD PhD Italy

Session IV
Side effects after treatment by M/M Medicine physicians in The Netherlands, preliminary results of a large cohort study Dr. Wouter Schuller, MD MSc Epidemiology Netherlands

Fascial manipulation associated with standard care compared to only postsurgical care for total hip arthroplasty: a RCT Massimo Busato, PT Italy

The reliability and the inter-observer agreement of a diagnostic knee rotation test Dr. Paul Cuppen, MD Netherlands

Normative Data of Multidirectional Spinal Cord Displacement with Unilateral and Bilateral Straight Leg Raise Tests in Asymptomatic Subjects Prof. Marinko Rade, MSc Orth Med, PhD Croatia

Human recombinant hyaluronidase injections for upper limb muscle stiffness in individuals with cerebral injury: a case series Dr. Antonio Stecco, MD Italy

7th Annual Academy Science Board Conference , Padua, Saturday November 26th, 2016
Session V
Keynote lecture: Radiological Anatomy of the superficial and deep fascia Prof. Veronica Macchi, MD PhD Italy

An RCT of the efficacy of interventional pain treatment of non-traumatic neck pain: preliminary results Dr. Maarten van Eerd, MD

Expression of hormone receptors in human fascial tissue Caterina Fede, PhD Italy

Abdominal trunk muscles should be considered according their identifiable functional subunits Prof. Christoph Anders, MD PhD Germany

A first step towards structurally influencing the peripheral component of spasticity using botulinum injections Dr. Geerie Winnubst, MD Netherlands

Session VI
Fracture in the Elderly Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation (FEMuR): a phase II randomised feasibility study of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation package following hip fracture Prof. Nefyn Williams, MD PhD United Kingdom

Walkway vs. treadmill walking: are both conditions interchangeable without any qualification? Lessons from gluteal muscles Prof. Christoph Anders, MD PhD Germany

Studies about the correlation of parietal and visceral tests in the shoulder and hip region” Prof. Ulrich Smolenski, MD Germany

Fascial manipulation in the rehabilitation of upper extremity repetitive strain injury Tiina Lahtinen- Suopanki PT BSc Finland

Measuring change aber treatment by M/M Medicine physicians in The Netherlands, preliminary results of a large cohort study with a one-year follow-up Dr. Wouter Schuller, MD MSc Epidemiology Netherlands

Peripheral nerve injections in clinical practice Dr. Kouri Jukka Pekka, M Finland

Session VII
Resolving nipple ischemic necrosis complication by Fascial Manipulation technic following nipple-sparing mastectomy Natalie Brefler, PT Israel

Design, experiences and preliminary results of a kappa-study on SI-joint diagnostics Dr. Wolfgang Von Heymann, MD Germany

Expression of the endocannabinoid receptors in human fascial tissue Prof. Giovanna Albertin, PhD Italy

Manual/Musculoskletal Medicine treatment of headache in older children: preliminary data of a cohort study Dr. Betna Küsgen, MD PhD Germany

Session VIII
Muscle, muscle function and myoskeletal disorder - a personal history Prof. Lothar Beyer, MD PhD Germany

Sport Injury Prevention in individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability: Fascial Manipulation vs control group Pietro Iogna Prat, PT Italy

Three years aber successful intervention for low back pain – how are the patients now? Vesa Lehtola, PT MHSc Finland

An RCT of the efficacy of interventional pain treatment of non-traumatic neck pain: preliminary results Dr. Maarten van Eerd, MD Netherlands

The effect of fascial manipulation in pelvic movement control Tiina Lahtinen- Suopanki PT BSc Finland

Systematic review of thoracic mobility: preliminary results Dr. Menno van Hogezand, MD MSc MM Netherlands

The European Training Requirements for “ Additional Competence Manual Medicine” for Physician Specialists within the Union Europeenne des Medecins Specialistes (UEMS) Dr. Hermann Locher, MD Germany

Closing Remarks Conference IAMMM Science Director Prof. Jacob Patijn, MD PhD Netherlands
6th Annual Academy Science Board Conference , Brussels, Friday November 6th, 2015

  • Session Chairman Olavi Airaksinen

  • Introduction Science Director IAMMM, Jacob Patijn

  • Present and future activities of IAMMM, AEB Chairman, Olavi Airaksinen

  • Updated Review of the Efficacy in M/M Medicine, Olavi Airaksinen

  • Reproducibility in M/M Medicine: final conclusions systematic review, Jacob Patijn

  • Back to Basics: musculoskeletal matters in undergraduate and postgraduate non-specialist teaching, Jens Foell

  • Fundamental Research in Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine: an proposal to approach of the literature, Jacob Patijn

  • Session Chairman Johan De Mey

  • Keynote Lecture: Functional Radiology and Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine, Johan de Mey

  • Cervical Facet Joint Narrowing during aging: preliminary results of a CT scan study, Maarten van Eerd

  • Inter-observer reliabilty of the assessment of cervical radiographies in small children, Heiner Biederman

  • In vivo magnetic resonance imaging measurement of spinal cord displacement in the thoracolumbar region of sub-acute intervertebral disc protrusion patients, Janne Pesonen

  • Session Chairman Eric Cattrysse

  • Keynote Lecture: Biomechanical evidence of upper-cervical manual interventions, Erik Cattrysse

  • Pain referral pattern of the longus colli muscle in healthy adult subjects, Amir Minerbi

  • Interrater reliability examination of the upper cervical spine – results of mono center study, Kay Niemier

  • Validation of a manual test for detection of lateroflexion of the thoracic spine and it’s relation with a preferential sidebending test, Menno van Hogezand

  • Diagnosis of upper cervical spine dysfunction in children with school problems: is it worth looking for? Results of an audit on patients in our Manual Medicine practice, Bettina Küssgen

  • Is synovia a determinant of biomechanical effects of manual therapy?, Emiel van Trijffel

  • High resolution respirometry of myofascial triggerpoints in patients with chronic neck and back pain, Michael Fischer

  • Considerations on translational motion components in analysing the Kinematics of Cervical Spinal Manipulative Therapy? Luca Buzatti

  • Coccydynia: State of the art in 1770, Jean Yves Maigne

  • 7th Academy Conference Saturday, November 7th 2015 Brussels

  • Session Chairman Aldo Scafoglieri

  • Keynote Lecture: What do lab results tell us about the axillary arch in clinical practice? Aldo Scafoglieri

  • Respiratory mobility of kidneys - Sonographic Measurement during normal and forced respiration, Lothar Beyer

  • Functional stabilizing characteristics of major trunk muscles identified by variation of force vectors on the trunk, Christoph Anders

  • Cervical Facet Joint Orientation during aging : preliminary results of a CT scan study, Jacob Patijn

  • Correlation Analysis of Demographic and Anthropometric Factors, Hip Flexion Angle and Conus Medullaris Displacement with Unilateral and Bilateral Straight Leg Raise, Marinko Rade

  • Surface electromyographic recordings after passive and active motion along the posterior myofascial kinematic chain in male subjects suffering from chronic nonspecific low back pain compared to healthy male subjects, Simon Vulsons

  • Surgical Outcome of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: a long-term follow-up study, Iina Tuomainen

  • Survey on Neck Posture, Mobility and Neck Muscle Strength amongst Schoolchildren, Gabor Ormos

  • Characteristics of doctors using spinal manipulation professionally and of their treated patients in The Netherlands, Wouter Schüller

  • Session Chairman Olavi Airaksinen

  • Nociception and postural control in a rat model: preliminary results, Nynke van den Hoogen

  • Design, development and first implementations of a system for the assessment of the bite force, Marco Testa

  • Efficacy of a multimodal treatment program on gross motor function in children with cerebral palsy—A pilot study, Kay Niemier

  • Test-retest reliability of myofascial trigger point detection in hip and thigh muscles, Evgeni Rozenfeld

  • The efficacy of epidural steroid injections as part of a multimodal treatment program for chronic lumbar pain syndromes without neurological deficit: A randomized, double blind study, Kay Niemier

  • Therapy of Low Back Pain and Neck Pain Interconnected with Trigger Points by Activation of Deep Muscle Stabilizing System, Vlasta Tosnerova

  • Measurement scale and score for children with infantile postural asymmetry, Michael Ammerman

  • Efficacy outcomes of patients treated with manual medicine: preliminary results of a large prospective cohort study, Wouter Schüller

  • Is Fibromyalgia a neuropathic pain condition ? Jukka Pekka Kouri

9th Annual Academy Science Board Conference , Berlin, October 29-31 2014

  • Overview Academy Chairman AEB and Academy 2nd Science Director, Olavi Airaksinen MD PhD (Finland)

  • Spinal neurophysiology of Nociception and Pain, Bert Joosten PhD (Netherlands)

  • Does it matter, how we challenge our trunk muscles? Implications of different control strategies on trunk muscle activation, Christoph Anders MD PhD (Germany)

  • Update review of Efficacy Shoulder in M/M Medicine, Olavi Airaksinen MD PhD (Finland)

  • Reproducibility in M/M Medicine Diagnostics Knee and Foot Region, Jacob Patijn MD PhD (Netherlands)

  • The doctor as dirty drug – the role of influence in clinical practice, research, and education, Jens Foell MD (United Kingdom)

  • Developing Methods of In Vivo MRI Measurement of Spinal Cord Displacement in the Thoracolumbar Region of Asymptomatic Subjects with Unilateral and Bilateral Straight Leg Raise Tests, Marinko Rade MSc (Finland)

  • Amplitude force relationship of trunk muscles – re- evaluation of known characteristics according to MVC, A Hubner MD PhD (Germany)

  • The influence of the examiner’s position and the earing guidance for the Marsman tests:the step-test and the rear-step, Nha Do Cao MD (France)

  • Clinical experience in neurogenic inguinal pain, Jukka Pekka Kouri MD PhD (Finland)

  • Considerations into the Benefits, Durations, and Recommended Treatment Intervals for Muscle Energy and High Velocity Low Amplitude, Precious Barnes DO (United States)

  • Muscles in function of neural protection; activation patterns in response to opposite sequences of radial nerve tension test performed to maximum tolerable pain, Marinko Rade MSc (Finland)

  • Reliability and validity of complex functional findings, results of two multicenter studies, Kay Niemier MD PhD (Germany)

  • Planning the future. Introduction to a research program for the evaluation of functional findings, Lothar Beyer MD PhD (Germany)

  • Do MODIC-changes at MRI matter in chronic low back patients. A CT-scan study, Berit Schiøttz-Christensen, MD PhD (Denmark)

  • Anatomical validation of a reproducible segmental cervical examination. Diagnostic procedure with Ultrasound Imaging, Maarten van Eerd MD (Netherlands)

  • Development and reliability of items for infantile postural asymmetry, Michael Ammermann MD PhD (Germany)

  • Ultrasound Guided Hydrodissection of Peripheral Nerves for Treating Musculoskeletal Problems Failed Manual Therapy, Stanley Lam MD (China, Hongkong)

  • Sensory impairment in Violinists and Violists with neck pain, Anke Steinmetz MD PhD (Germany)

  • Maximum extensor force capacity of back extensors: normative data considering age and anthropometry, E. Kurz MD PhD (Germany)

  • Mechanisms of action of spinal manipulation, Jean-Yves Maigne MD (France)

  • Prospective Trial Manual Medicine in KISS babies: one year down the track, Bettina Küsgen MD PhD (Germany)

  • The association between muscle weakness and activity limitations in patients with Ehlers Danlos: the impact of propriocepsis, Raoul Engelbert PT PhD (Netherlands)

  • Low back pain: a nosological framework and the evaluation of its clinical application, Heiner Biedermann MD PhD (Germany)

3rd RECOUP International Conference on Ergonomics (RICE 2014) July 30-August 5, 2014 Bangalore, India
Theme: "Management of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders."

(IAMMM members)

  • How valuable are our diagnostic tests in Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine? Dr. Jacob Patijn
  • The relation between preferences of movements and mobility of the spine: a biomechanical approach Dr. Sjef Rutte
  • Shoulder problems - The efficacy of conservative treatments Dr. Olavi Airaksinen
  • Low Back Pain- European Clinical Practice Guidelines Dr. Olavi Airaksinen
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines for Neck Pain Dr. Olavi Airaksinen

  • Recent advances in management of WRMSD Dr. Deepak Sharan

  • Effectiveness of injection therapies for musculoskeletal disorders of shoulder, elbow and knee Dr. Olavi Airaksinen
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome Dr. Deepak Sharan

Post Conference Workshops
  • IAMMM Practical Interdisciplinary Course in Reproducibility Studies (August 4, 2014) Dr. Jacob Patijn
  • Course on Laterality and Biomechanics (August 5, 2014) Dr. Sjef Rutte

Academy Science Board Meeting
Thursday, October the 14th 2013 Bordeaux
  • Prof Dr Jacob Patijn, 1st Academy Science Director Welcome and Introduction

  • Prof Dr Olavi Airaksinen Chairman AEB 2nd Academy Science Director Overview & Welcome

  • Prof Dr Pierre Rabichong The skin as part of the locomotion system

  • Dr Dominique Bonneau Pelvic Pain and Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine

  • Prof Dr Olavi Airaksinen Efficacy: Efficacy of M/M M in Extremitie

  • Prof Dr Jacob Patijn Reliability: Extremity Diagnostics e-mail send again

  • Dr Michael Hutson Ultrasound guided injections for soft tissue disorders: a case against

  • Dr Jens Foell Education: Proposal for instructional Course “Reading Scientific Literature”

  • Dr Jean-Yves Maigne TheMaigne” paradigm in diagnosing examining signs of spinal dysfunction

  • Spinal High Velocity Low Amplitude Manipulation in Acute Nonspecific LBP:

  • Dr Wolfgang von Heijmann A Double Blinded RCT

  • Dr. Simon Vulfson Self-evaluation of primary care physicians in their ability
    to treat and manage pain before and after a year long course for pain trustees.

  • Prof Dr Karl-August Lindgren Whiplash Injuries and Dynamic MRI

  • Prof Dr Olavi Airaksinen Guidelines for practice of knee osteoarthritis

  • Dr Wouter Schuller Characteristics of patients and doctors in Manual/MusculoskeletalMedicine in the Netherlands

  • Dr Heiner Biedermann Diagnostic Procedures in KISS syndrome

  • Prof Dr Lothar Beyer Influence on eye-head-movementsin patients with neck-shoulder discomfort at VDU work by multifocal lenses

  • Prof Dr Karol Hornáček Back pain and different medical specialisations

  • Dr. Amir Minerbi Myofascial pain syndrome: beyond the energy crisis, towards an integrative model? Motor-unit rotation in proximal muscles as a possible key to understanding

  • Prof Dr Jacob Patijn Diagnosis: a systematic review

  • Dr Jukka Pekka Kouri Efficacy of Acupuncture

  • Dr Lars Remvig Generalized Joint Hypermobility in childhood is a potential risk factor for developing pain in adolescence: A nested case-control study

  • Dr Guy Gosselin Effects of cervical muscle fatigue on balance and field dependency: development of cervical outcome measures

Science Conference Friday, October the 15th 2013 Bordeaux

  • Dr. Adrian Kuzdzal Kinesiological determinants in postoperative musculoskeletal - manual therapy according to surgical techniques in treatment of patients after C2 fracture"

  • Dr Maarten van Eerd Kappa study cervical segmental examination: preliminary results.Proposal protocol efficacy prolotherapy

  • Dr Stanley Lam Ultrasound Guided Hydrodissection of Peripheral Nerves as a Treatment Option for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Failed Manual Therapy. Preliminary Results

  • Dr Bettina Küsgen 3-month pilot for a prospective study in KISS babies: design and preliminary results

  • Dr Rachel Slangen Eagle Syndrome: measurements styloid process: preliminary results e-mail send again. Proposal for instructional Course “Reading Scientific Literature

  • Dr Alain Laprerie Electrical Cardiac Axis and Thoracic Cage Properties

  • Dr Aharon S. Finestone Reducing Off Duty Days for Backache in Soldiers with Intramuscular Stimulation: A Research Design

  • Prof Angela Clough Global positioning system (GPS)

  • Dr. Simon Vulfson Self-evaluation of primary care physicians in their ability
    to treat and manage pain before and after a year long course for pain trustees

  • Dr Daniel Fievet Reproducibility of Skull of Deformation

  • Dr Sjef Rutte Reproducibility of the thoracic side-bending

  • Dr Maarten van Eerd Validation radiological cervical degeneration: preliminary results

  • Dr Precious Barnes Documenting Quantifiable Changes and Pressures Used for Manual Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Spine Somatic Dysfunction

  • Dr. Marinko Rade In vivo MRI measurement of spinal cord displacement in the thoraciolumbar region in response to unilateral and bilateral Straight Leg Raise tests

  • Dr Vesa Lehtola Efficacy of movement control exercises versus general exercises on recurrent subacute non-specific low back pain in a subgroup of patients with movement control dysfunction

  • Dr. Marinko Rade For example a Kappa study.

  • Prof Dr Jacob Patijn Altantodental Sclerosis: a Flash CT scan study, preliminary results

  • Prof Dr Jacob Patijn Closing Remarks

IAMMM Scientific Committee Meeting October the 4th 2012 Bratislava

  • Prof. Dr. Olavi Airaksinen MD PhD (FI), Low back pain in Sports

  • Dr. Heiner Biedermann MD (DE), Manual therapy in the first year of life: Indications and effects

  • Prof. Dr. Jacob Patijn MD PhD (NL), Reliability Shoulder Tests in M/M Medicine

  • Dr. Jens Foell, MD (GB), Thoracic lesions  seen through various lenses

  • Prof. Dr. Lothar Beyer MD PhD (DE), Somatosensoric information processing and haptic perception in manual medicine

  • Prof. Dr. Olavi Airaksinen MD PhD (FI) Efficacy of M/M Medicine in the shoulder region

  • Prof. Dr. Karl-August Lindgren MD (FI) Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: an update

  • Dr. Michael Hutson,MD (GB), The link between knowledge and practice. Implementation of scientific truths into clinical practice

IAMMM Conference October the 5th 2012 Bratislava

  • Doc. MUDr. Karol Hornáček, PhD.(SK) Heavy walking – Source of disturbed function and degenerative changes of musculoskeletal system

  • Marinko Rade  MSc (FI ), MRI investigation on neural biomechanics in the vertebral canal. Preliminary results

  • Dr. Roderic MacDonald, MD (UK), Restless legs syndrome: A cure for the incurable?

  • Vesa Lehtola MHSc (FI), Construct validity and responsiveness of a Finnish version of the Patient-Specific Functional Scale

  • Dr. Jukka Pekka Kouri MD (FI), Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: review of the treatment efficacy

  • Dr. Sjef Rutte MD (NL), Preference Diagnostics: preliminary results

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Kuchera (USA) & Dr. Precious Barnes DO (USA), Vascular physiological changes with manual medicine interventions: preliminary results

  • Alena Kobesova, MD PhD (SK), Explanation of the postural system

  • Vesa Lehtola MHSc (FI), Efficacy of movement control exercises versus general exercises on recurrent sub-acute nonspecific low back pain in a sub-group of patients with movement control dysfunction. Protocol of a randomized controlled trial

  • Marinko Rade MSc (FI ), Effect of glenohumeral forward flexion on upper limb myoelectric activity during simulated Mills manipulation: relations to peripheral nerve biomechanics and specificity of Mills manipulation

  • Dr. Maarten van Eerd MD ( NL), Radiological X-ray Diagnosis Cervical Spine in daily practice: preliminary results

  • Angela Clough MScP Msc (GB), Approaches in the assessment and management of WAD in the whiplash capital of Europe: Are U.K. physiotherapists divided?

  • Dr Jean-Yves Maigne MD (Fr), Lower back pain and neck pain: is it possible to identify the painful side by palpation only?

  • Dr. Maarten van Eerd MD (NL), Cervical Disc narrowing: a CT scan validation study: preliminary results

  • Prof. Dr. Glen-Gorm Rasmussen MD (DK), My experiences from working  in the multidisciplinary Spine Center of Southern Denmark and information of the role of manual diagnostics and treatment"

  • Dr. Precious Barnes DO (USA), A comparative study of hysteresis characteristics and inter-examiner reliability of somatic dysfunction: preliminary results

  • Dr. John Tanner MD (GB), Prolotherapy  for low back instability syndrome – does it work?

IAMMM Scientific Committee Meeting 6th of September 2011 Copenhagen

  • Prof. Olavi Airaksinen, MD, PhD (FI), Overview of the Efficacy Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine of the Shoulder

  • Dr. Maarten van Eerd (NL), MD, Cervical Kappa Study of Standard Radiological Abnormalities of the Cervical Spine

  • Marinko Rade, Msc (FI), Effect of Cervical Spine Position on Muscle Activity during Simulated Mills Manipulation: Relations to Peripheral Nerve Biomechanics and Specificity of Mills’ Manipulation.

  • Prof. Jacob Patijn, MD, PhD (NL), Reliability of Diagnostics in Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine of the Shoulder

  • Prof. Karl-August Lindgren (FI), MD, PhD Whiplash and Functional MRI

  • Jukka Pekka Kouri, MD (FI), Efficacy of Acupuncture for neck and back pain

  • Prof. Birgit Juul-Kristensen, PT, PhD (DK), Motor Competence in Hypermobile Children and Adults

  • Prof. Jacob Patijn, MD, PhD (NL), Cervical Spondylarthritis in CT-scan

  • Prof. Michael Kuchera, MD, PhD (USA), Efficacy of Rehabilitation of Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • Jens Foell, MD (GB), International Education Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine

IAMMM Instructional course the 7th of September 2011 Copenhagen

  • Sjef Rutte, MD (NL) Instructional Course: Mass Mechanics and Laterality in Manual/Musculoskeletal

3rd International Academy Meeting 3-5 June 2010 Amsterdam

Open Science Board Meeting Friday June the 4th 2010 Amsterdam

  • Maxim Bakhtadze, Cerebral perfusion in patients with cranio-cervical syndrome

  • Olavi Airaksinen, Report Efficacy: Systematic Review of Shoulder region

  • Jacob Patijn, Report Reliability Cie: Do we need evidence based diagnosis in M/MM: new quality criteria and updated systematic review of lumbar region reproducibility studies

  • Karl August Lindgren, Whiplash injuries - overview

  • Olavi Airaksinen, Summary of Report Efficacy: Systematic Review of Cervical region

  • Jens Foell, Educational Committee Report of Actions

  • Jacob Patijn, Report Reliability: Update systematic review cervical region and preliminary results thoracic region reproducibility studies

  • Richard Ellis, IMM Journal overview

  • Sjef Rutte, Logistics of Academy: new developments

Academy Conference Saturday June the 5th 2010 Amsterdam

Jukka Pekka Kouri, Mini-invasive Pain Management – Art or Science – what is the Scientific Evidence.

  • Hannu Luomajoki, Jan Kool, Eling D. de Bruin Olavi Airaksinen, Reliability of movement control tests in the lumbar spine

  • Flemming Enoch, Per Kjær, Birgit Juul-Kristensen, Lars Remvig, Inter-examiner reproducibility of test for lumbar neuromuscular control.

  • Lars Remvig, Pernille H Duhn, Susanne Ullman#, Jari Arokoski, Jukka Jurvelin¤, Skin signs in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; Clinical tests and para-clinical methods.

  • Maarten van Eerd, Jacob Patijn, Anatomical Ultrasound Localisation, validation of the cervical spine

  • Hannu Luomajoki, Jan Kool, Eling D. de Bruin, Olavi Airaksinen, Movement control tests of the low back; evaluation of the difference between patients with low back pain and healthy controls

  • Hannu Luomajoki, G. Lorimer Moseley, Tactile acuity and lumbopelvic motor control in patients with back pain and healthy controls

  • Rachel van de Pol, Inter-examiner relability of passive motion assesment of the upper extremity joints : a systematic review

  • Wouter Schuller, Efficacy of orthomanual treatment in patients with chronic low back pain in addition to usual care at the pain-clinic of the university Hospital of Amsterdam

  • Maxim Bakhtadze, Cerebral perfusion in patients with chronic neck and upper back pain: Single Photon Emission Computer Tomography of the Brain study

  • Maarten van Eerd, Jacob Patijn, Reproducibility of cervical disc degeneration

  • Wim Jorritsma, Grietje, E. de Vries, Jan H.B. Geertze, Pieter U. Dijkstra, Michiel F. Reneman, Neck Pain and Disability Scale and the Neck Disability Index: Reproducibility of the Dutch Language Versions

  • Kirill Kuzminov, Maxim Bakhtadze, Serge Laushkin, Ultrasound studies of the lumbar spine structures

  • Dennis van Kooy, John van der Kamp, Henk Schutte, Harm van Wylick, Sjef Rutte, Scooping, a lateralization test and its relation to a thoracic side bending test. A validity study

  • Hannu Luomajoki, Jan Kool1, Eling D. de Bruin, Olavi Airaksinen, Improvement in low back movement control, decreased pain and disability, resulting from specific exercise intervention

  • Jacob Patijn, Rachel Slangen, Evaluation of the Dynamic `Postural Control System: a protocol proposal for quantification

FIMM Scientific Committee Meeting May 2009, Praque

  • Dr. Maxim Bakhtadze, Cerebral perfusion in patients with cranio-cervical syndrome

  • Dr. Cyril Kuzminov, Echo studies and Manual Medicine

  • Prof. Dr. Olavi Airaksinen, Report Efficacy Systematic Review Lumbar region
  • Report Efficacy Systematic Review Cervical region

  • Prof. Dr. Sergei Nikonov, Latest research evidence from the Centre of Manual Therapy, Moscow

  • Dr. Sjef Rutte, Logistics of Academy: new developments

  • Prof. Dr. Karl Lewit, The biomechanics of abduction in the humero-scapular joint and the impingement syndrome

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Kuchera, Specific Topic: Scientific activities of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Prof. Dr. Jacob Patijn, Systematic Review cervical reproducibility studies

ACADEMY CONFERENCE Saturday 31th of May 2008 Praque

  • Prof. Dr. Anatoli Sitel, Director Center for Manual Therapy, Moscow, Russia Academy Guest Lecture: Science in Manual Musculoskeletal Medicine. 

  • Birgit Juul-Kristensen, Jens Halkjær Kristensen, Britt Frausing, Dorte V Jensen, Henrik Røgind, Generalised Joint Hypermobility, gross motor competence and physical activity among Danish school children at 9 years old.

  • Rachel Slangen, Ivan Huijnen, Herman Kingma, Jacob Patijn,    Motion patterns of arms during Hautant Procedure in normal subjects.

  • Berit Broholm, Henrik Røgind, Birgit Juul-Kristensen, Lars Remvig, Reproducibility of 8 palpatory tests for segmental dysfunction in the thoracic spine. A draft protocol.
  • Schiottz-Christensen B, Melchiorsen H, Donbek-Jensen L, Validity of the functional component af the International Classification of Function used in Low Back pain patients.

  • Sjef Rutte, Motion Patterns According Marsman Method

  • Rachel Slangen, Herman Kingma, Jacob Patijn, Hautant Test in Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD): preliminary results.

  • Prof. Dr. Vlasta Tosnerova, Topic in Pediatric Manual Musculoskeletal Medicine.

  • Lars Remvig, Pernille Duhn, Jari Arokoski, Susanne Ullman, Takasi Kobayasi, Birgitte Hansen, Birgit Juul-Kristensen, Jukka Jurvelin, Skin Extensibility and Consistency in Patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome; Interexaminer Agreement on Clinical Tests and results of Para-clinical Analyses.

  • Bakhtadze M. A., Galaguza V. N., Bolotov D. A., Popov A. A. Inter-examiner reproducibility of a springing test for side bending at level C2-C3

  • Birgit.Juul-Kristensen, K.Hilt, F.Enoch1, G.Sjøgaard, L.Remvig. Clinical tests for detecting abnormal scapular kinematics – an intra-examiner reproducibility study.

  • Jacob Patijn, Herman Kingma, Rachel Slangen, Lumbar motion patterns in forward flexion: a protocol proposal
  • Schiottz-Christensen B, Melchiorsen H, Donbek-Jensen L, Reliability of the One-Leg-Standing Test.
  • Jacob Patijn, Iwan Huijnen,  Rachel Slangen, Herman Kingma, Passive and Active Range of Motion in Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD).

1. FIMM International Academy Conference, June the 10th 2006, Leipzig

  • M. Hutson, The Place of Science in the FIMM International Academy

  • R. Donelson, From "Black Box" to Classification-based Care; Our Inevitable Paradigm Shift

  • R. Donelson. Pain Response Classification and Directional Preference;Common Clinical Findings for Identifying LBP  Subgroups

  • S. Rutte. Lumbar Preferential Mobility in Relation to Lateralisation Tests; Quantitative Measurements in 20 Normal Subjects

  • J-Y. Maigne, G. Chatellier, M. Le Faou, M. Archambeau. The Treatment of Chronic Coccydynia with Intrarectal Manipulation; a Randomized Controlled Study

  • A.B. Sitel, S.V. Nikonov, Manual Therapy in a Complex Treatment of Patients with Compression Syndromes of Low Back Osteochondrosis Dependent on a Space Location of the Intervertebral Disc Herniation

  • V.V. Belyakov, I.N. Sharapov, N.P. Yeliseev. Spondylogenic Pain Syndromes of Lumbar Localization

  • K. Lewit, M. Lepsikova,  Foot Dysfunction and EMG Findings

  • R. Schleip, W. Klingler, Are Fascia Able to Contract and Relax in a Smoth Muscle-like Manner and Thereby Influence  Musculoskeletal Dynamics?

  • W. Brooks, M. Patterson, E. Wagner, P. Hardigan, K. Carter,  Cervical Spine Position; A Factor Confounding Lumbar Forward Bending.  

  • T. Maribo, One Leg Stand Test - a Measure of Postural Control

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