The mission of the International Academy of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine is to make manual/musculoskeletal medicine a scientifically based discipline.

The Executive Board is happy to present the first "Mission, Vision and Strategy" statement of the Academy.

In the attached paper with the title "
A Vision", Michael Hutson, past President of FIMM and the first chairman of the Academy previously expresses a Vision statement in which the following sentences can be read:

"I believe that the future of the Academy is assured because of the recognition by the Executive Board of the need for the continued evaluation and re-evaluation of the evidence base by the membership, combined with a close relationship between scientists and educationalists/teachers. 

We will always have the welfare of the members (and therefore the welfare of M/MM clinicians in general and their patients) at heart – by helping to provide the very best platform for scientific work and its implementation, and the very best means of dissemination of the members’ deliberations."